Quemao-class on fire

Published on 28 January 2020 at 11:10

Our yearly trip to the Canaries brought us this January to the QUEMAO CLASS contest, a two days surf and bodyboard contest on the east coast of Lanzarote. We took the boot from Fuerteventura, drove through the amazing moon-like landscape of the ' Los Volcanes natural park' and arrived at La Santa. They call La Santa “a magical place where the fishing and surfing tradition coexist, creating a constant synergy in one of the best waves in Europe”. Nothing is less true. I have seen this wave now for a couple of times under offshore conditions and it is amazing to see its incredible shape and power and all of that just meters away from the fishermen's boots and tiny harbour. I wonder if the goat has ever surfed it..


The QUEMAO CLASS is an invitation event of 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders selected from all over the world for their qualities in reef waves. The loss in 2009 of the surfer called “EL FULA” was the main reason to start the event. Like other international contest held annually in memory of great surfers, EL QUEMAO CLASS intends to keep the memory of a great friend to their surf community.
We witnessed how Spanish surfer Aritz Aranburu and French bodyboarder Amaury Lavernhe won the 5th edition of the contest. 
Some pictures to illustrate this great event and environment. For more information on the contest, visit: http://quemaoclass.com/

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